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Aug 01, 2016 at 09:38 PM


By Genny Cummings

What is Rustica?  

Rustica is the italian word for rustic, countrified. Rustic style proves the old adage that everything comes full circle.


Rustic style has unpretentious roots, organic textures and shapes and natural warmth.  Rustic interiors have a sense of connection to the past that’s hard to resist.  They feel honest and unstudied and evoke a simpler time.  Because they celebrate the art of repurposing, they provide a wonderful showcase for ingenuity.  Rustic interior design creates an eclectic look that emphasizes nature: homespun, timeworn, handcrafted, distressed items, constructed of natural materials or finished in a natural hue.


The natural aspect of a rustic modern home carries through to the upholstery, linens, and rugs. Simple fabrics without a print are a common choice. So, if you love this style, keep your furniture neutral and go as natural an you can! Think linen throw pillows for a natural appeal.


Distressed metals. Go for heavy, warm metals with a hint of wear and tear, such as a hammered finish or a touch of rust. Bronze, copper, pewter, and iron fit the bill perfectly in the form of bedsteads, side tables, lighting, and fixtures. Avoid shiny finishes and cool metals such as chrome and stainless steel, which can feel too highly finished.

Rustic design brings to mind a raw bamboo made cabinet, intricate hand woven baskets and rusted figurines. Soft, muted colors like hunter green and deep, rich brown mix with brighter yellows and rust colors to bring to mind vacations where you can get away from the world.  Rustic interiors give a sense of connection to the past, and in combination with modern furniture elements it gives us the comfort that we need.


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